About us

About us

The main value of our company is people. Our team is the basis of the success and prosperity of the company. We always strive to create a high quality product and we are proud of what we do.

The basis of the work of SAYBM LLC is the application of a creative approach and innovation. The company is working to promote promising new products and innovative solutions.

We are always improving, striving to inspire others to result, to direct to success, to set an example for others and lead. Our goals, actions and results are the necessary energy that leads them to new achievements and achievement of new heights in business.

SAYBM LLC evaluates the prospects of new trends and new trends, making them part of reality.


Arthur Shahurdin

Create director

Irina Tiukianova

Project manager

Anna Eremeeva

Project manager

Ayta Larionova

Our mission

We are making a high-quality platform for reloading the Jewelry and Cutting industry of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Time does not stand still, the world is changing. Traditional approaches are replaced by innovations. Bold, new and innovative solutions become part of reality. Moving forward reflects qualitative change and development. The use of non-standard solutions and the introduction of progressive ideas helps the company move forward. We work so that people live better, consume a quality product and enjoy new victories.