On April 23, 2021, the TSOPP team visited the jewelry and granite cluster in the MKR. Kangalassy and held a strategic session on the development of the jewelry industry for the employees of SEIBI LLC and residents of the jewelry and granite cluster. The session was also attended by the leadership of the Small Academy of Sciences of the RS( Ya).
The key task of group communication was the generation of ideas for the development of the jewelry industry of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), as well as the formation of a development vector through retraining and advanced training.
The company “Sabiem” is a resident of the TOP “Yakutia” and acts as an SPV-company of the jewelry and granite cluster. Today, the cluster has a modern and fully equipped site with a comprehensive infrastructure for a full cycle of jewelry production. The preferential treatment of the TOP allows the residents of the cluster to implement projects on preferential terms.
The cluster offers office and storage facilities, as well as equipped lapidary and jewelry shops to resident enterprises engaged in the production of jewelry, processing of diamonds, precious, semi-precious, and ornamental products. The cluster provides consulting services to individual entrepreneurs and legal entities, conducts marketing research, provides analytical information and assists in the sale of products.
“Our company strives to create and form such conditions and mechanisms of work, as well as a business model, in which local producers engaged in the jewelry and lapidary industry will be able to consolidate and jointly promote their goods and services to foreign markets»,- said the Acting General Director of LLC “SABIEM” Artur Petrovich Shakhurdin.
During the strategic session, the participants assessed the key market trends of the industry, the competitive environment and considered the vectors of further development of the jewelry industry, entering new niches and markets. Based on the results of the group communication, the participants formed a model of the competencies of future personnel in this industry.
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