On August 13, there was a presentation of the Summer School of Design graduates’ exhibition, organized in collaboration with the famous British Higher School of Design, which is part of Universal University.

Unique to Yakutia, the project was implemented at the invitation of the SAYBM jewelry and lapidary cluster preparing for launch on the basis of the Kangalassi Industrial Park TOSER to upgrade the skills of Yakut jewelry designers.

On the eve of the presentation, students of the summer school successfully defended their theses, the result of which is the release of jewelry according to the concept conceived. At the presentation of the exhibition in a festive atmosphere, all graduates of the course received diplomas and certificates of completion. Diplomas were awarded to graduates of the program “Jewelry Design” at the British Higher School of Design Igor Komov, Creative Director of “SAYBM” Anastasia Starostina and Rector of the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts Sargylana Semenovna Ignatieva.

An exhibition of works by graduates of the summer school of jewelry craftsmanship can be seen until August 18 at the address: Lenin Avenue 9/2, second floor of the Kierge jewelry house.